Tracker Mini: file format, import mods and potentially add onboard synths?

I just got a Mini and while I wait the delivery I was reading about it and found that the new update 1.7 basically removed the feature to load mod files. This is quite bad as one of my main usage will be in conjunction with an Amiga hardware computer. Is there any workaround? The Mini does not have “1.6” firmware so there is nothing I can revert to, to get that functionality. Is there a middle format that can be used to move mods from an Amiga to the Tracker mini?

Also is the file format documented somewhere or is up for grabs for hacking it as DIY? I could write a converter potentially if I had the specs of the file format; but if I have to figure out everything myself that will take more time than what I can invest, out of my free time… So not ideal really.

Last but not least: is the firmware of the device open for us to write things like synths extensions? From the look of it I am not sure if the device is running a cut down version of linux/Unix OS or a baremetal one like the one used by the M8 headless, so would be awesome if there was support for us to write our own extensions.
If not, and if the OS is closed so nobody can touch it or modify it, is there a plan to add at least some basic subtractive synth in the Tracker? Not to mention another product but both the M8 headless and the Mini Dexed are able to function as synths, which is offering way more power than just using samples.
I know you sell other devices that does that, but those are sequencers with synths, not trackers; so I don’t think that sales would be affected if you add a single synth in the tracker (or give the chance to users to actually help you and write for free more add-on, like effects and synths).

Thanks! Looking forward to finally have my hands on the device soon :slight_smile:

how do you like the wavetable osc in tracker?

Can’t say yet as I am waiting for the delivery next week; but from what I saw in reviews, it should be a blast to use, albeit limited; and since it is a tracker the expectation is not to match other synth that are based on a grid workflow

i think youll like