Tracker - Line in audio cuts when pressing play

If you are using the line input on the Tracker, when you press play the audio coming in momentarily cuts out. This means that you have to have the Tracker’s sequencer running already in order to use the line input. That’s not very flexible.

I reported this on the GitHub issues page a while ago under ticket #1600.

I have the first type of the Tracker. I am uncertain if this problem happens on later models.

This happens on firmware version 16.0 and earlier versions.

This problem always happens. To reproduce the issue, create an empty project, unmute the line input in the mixer, play some audio in through the line input. Now press play on the tracker.

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First of all i can confirm this behaviour and i’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware version specific issue.
I see/hear this exact behaviour on my tracker (with rounded buttons) on 1.6.
The Audio cuts out for a split second when pressing play while line-in has audio.

I assume that it’s a side-effect of resetting / clocking the delay & reverb line when play is pressed.


Hi @Timbient , sorry you’re having problems using the Tracker and thanks for reporting them to us. I logged it internally and we will try to fix it in one of the future updates if technically possible. Best regards


Hiya. I just wanted to post to say that this problem has been fixed in 1.7, so I’m very happy! (Other than the 1.7 freezing issue, which will hopefully be fixed soon :grin:)


Hi @Timbient , thanks for reminding us on this one. It slipped through the cracks in our documenting, as the list of fixes grows… I’ll add it to the 1.7 Release Notes
And yes, freezeing fix is around the corner :wink: Thanks for your patience!


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