Tracker instruments swapping without computer

Hi, sorry if its a stupid question.
I made a cool sound but cant use it in the project im working with.
So i wanted to save that instrument with all its settings to the instrument folder to use with a new project.
But how do i do this?
I only saw a clip with swapping instruments in folders on a computer…
Hoping that i can do this without computer.

Thanks in advance!


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Bad news: as of yet (1.6) you can’t.

Good news: As you mentioned, your instrument is saved with the project on the SD card. In order to use it with other projects, you’ll have to copy it via a computer to a instruments folder.

This could be a nice wish though for a future update. To have a deeper file management system directly on the tracker.


Hi Sandroid,
Thanks for your reply.

I will check the whislist.

All the best,