Tracker hanging loading projects

Hi Guys,

I installed 1.6 and now the tracker hangs when loading “old” projects and some samples. To recover the power needs removing, the on off button does not work.

So I created a new SDCard with the factory content, same problem. Loading any factory project causes the hang.

I reverted to old versions of the firmware, same problem.

If I create a new project, load it up with samples and save it I can load that project ok.

I have tried different power supplies and cables.

Anyone else experienced this?



Hey @andrew.capon , welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Does this happen with 1.7.1 as well? Or is there a specific reason why you are using an older firmware?

Thanks, I didn’t know there was a 1.7.1!

When I started this process 1.6 was the most recent, I’ll put 1.7.1 on…

Edit, sorry 1.7.1 is actually on the card.

So this must have started with 1.7.1, I must have reverted to 1.6 before. Then got confused when posting!

Installed 1.8.0 and everything is working now :slight_smile:

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