Tracker goes to pattern 0

Bug Description

After messing around a pattern with performance mode, I went back to pattern play mode and then tracker brought me to an empty pattern number 0 (instead of the one that was playing).
That’s annoying because I don’t want this to happen during a live performance (i.e getting on a blank pattern when I don’t want to)

Reproduction Steps

I can’t reproduce this bug


It happened twice in a few minutes today for the first time.

Found in




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Same error , try to switch “Undo” button , and solve this problem.

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i have experienced this previously and thought it had been addressed in firmware 1.6 since i hadn’t seen it since the last update.

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I’m getting it in 1.6 - however… being new to the tracker I have to say what a wonderful, beautiful device this is! Sorry - I’m in the honeymoon phase so I cannot report a bug without also saying how much I really like the tracker!

I also seem to only get this when leaving performance mode.


In trying to reliably reproduce this it seems it only occurs when using midi instruments. Can anyone confirm? Do you get this when using samples only?

Hi @here, thank you all for contributing to this topic. I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue.
Can any one of you who has experienced the problem write more exact steps how to reproduce it?
Thanks in advance, best regards

No steps yet but I can confirm I just had it happen on a pattern with no midi data so it seems my hypothesis about it only occurring on midi related performance tracks is wrong.

I’m not sure what is going on internally but as pattern 0 is not a valid pattern you could (as a temporary fix) update the pattern change function to check if the next pattern is zero and if so set the next pattern to the current pattern instead. Might not be the easy but it might work!

I’ll update if I get a repeatable test case!

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Dear Polyend, please, fix it.
I believe it’s related somehow with Performance Mode but don’t know how exactly.
But It ruins every live session.


I didn’t even know there’s a Pattern 0. :stuck_out_tongue:

@here, Thank you for your patience. We finally found a way to reproduce this bug. We will let you know as soon as it is fixed. :slight_smile: