Tracker being discontinued?

It seems that’s interpretation of sale of the Tracker this week (48% off) is an indication that the Tracker is being discontinued (source: Deal: save up 48% OFF on Polyend Tracker hardware groovebox).

I know this might be asking for too much, but could anyone from Polyend confirm or deny whether that is true? Could you share some information on how you plan on supporting the Tracker going forward in terms of updates as well (beyond v1.7 which I guess is right around the corner). I think a lot of your customers are concerned about this issue, so any information you can share in that regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Meanwhile, at least in Germany…


I have no knowledge whatsoever what prompted that sale. But it seems to me like its the big retailers readying to stock up on the Tracker Mini and trying to get rid of the existing inventory.

Which kinda makes sense. Chance are pretty good that a new buyer would rather go for the new-new instead of the OG.

As i’m not a Polyend employee, that is just a guess. Let’s see what they have to say :blush:

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Okay I’m here to weigh in on it. No the Tracker isn’t discontinued! Planning for Firmware 1.8 is already in the works, and no plans to discontinue the tracker at this time.


For everyone that owns only the mini, i can recommend to buy the OG too. Still a great device and for that price, its a no brainer. :boom:


we love polyend! thank you for all of what you are doing! Tracker is amazing, working hard on a new tutorial series on the original! :slight_smile:

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@Mitch: Fantastic - great to hear that! :+1:

Thomann and Musicstore are listing them at 399.


This is on Reverb listed as brand new by the “official polyend reverb shop” based in Chicago… no shipping cost, the total is $359. I guess anyone who was caught in indecision they shouldn’t be now…


I picked one up because at that price and for what it’s capable of, there’s nothing presently as feature rich. Looking forward to tinkering when it arrives this weekend.


Ok, yes, I realize how silly I was for checking the Polyend store when everyone was saying that Polyend had dropped the price. I realize I’m getting old and every time is more difficult for me to understand capitalism. :wink: Thank you for the information!

Quoting the Polyend Newsletter distributed today:

Tracker Flash Sale

We have partnered with for a limited Tracker flash sale. The sale is happening now until September 4th or while supplies last!

The sale price is $359 / €399

Prices may vary based on VAT and other taxes. After the sale the price of the tracker will return to $699, so don’t miss out. Trackers will continue to be manufactured so this isn’t your last chance to get one, but it may never be at a price this low again!

Also for the record, Polyend released 1.7 today and said that it’s not going to be the last update.

Mitch had already answered yesterday, and today we got a clear reverb of that message. :slight_smile: The conversation is continuing on Tracker 1.7 firmware update is available.


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