Tracker and Roland S1 Midi Loop Problem


got a Roland S1 and a pair of TRS Midi A to B converters from Retrokit to connect it to my Tracker.

The goal is to send midi from the Tracker to the S1 or be able to record notes from the S1 on the tracker.

Midi Thru is off but as soon as I press one or more pads on the Tracker or the keys on the S1 there is some kind of Midi Loop.
The notes play on and on and the sound turns into chaos.
By using the pads the Tracker starts playing/ recording rabbit fast.

Have to pull one of the two TRS cables to stop the mess.

Settings on the Tracker are:

Settings on the S1 are:
Midi Channel 1
Midi Thru off
Sync (to) Midi
Sync Clock 6

I use the exact same settings with the Microfreak and have zero problems.

Any idea what I am missing?

Hey there @HNG! Welcome to backstage :slight_smile:

You note that you are having no issues with the Microfreak in the same configuration which would lead me to believe that it is most likely how you have the MIDI configured on the S-1. I skimmed the manual and see that there is a lot of MIDI options to set up.

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Hey @dan.lgrnd :grinning:
thanks for your respons.

Figured out what causes the MIDI Loop.

The S1 is still routing incoming MIDI Data to the output even if MIDI Thru is set to off.

Connect the MIDI Out of the Microfreak to the MIDI In of the S1 et voila I was able to record notes I played on the Microfreak.

Did a factory reset on the S1 but no luck. Guess it is time to conntact Roland.

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Glad to hear you found what the issue was and hope Roland can get your issue sorted!

I made the same type of post about two weeks ago. It’s a MIDI feedback loop because the Roland AIRA models send and receive MIDI on the same channels. (channel 3 in the case of the S-1 I believe).

There is no way to fix the problem. Here’s my post with accompanying video:

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Thank you for your post.

My Microfreaks is also set to send and receive MIDI on the same channel and it works flawless.

The actual dining table setup is:
Tracker MIDI Out → S1 MIDI In
S1 MIDI Out → Microfreak MIDI In
Microfreak MIDI OUT → Tracker MIDI In

The S1 is set to send and receive on MIDI channel 2.
The Microfreak is set to send and receive on MIDI channel 1.
This configuration works how it’s supposed to be.

The described issue only happens when MIDI Thru on the Microfrek is set to on. Logicly.

Apologies for the long posts and my English. I am not a native speaker of English.