Tracker + Ableton Sync

Does anyone control Tracker with Ableton Live?
I’m trying to get patterns in tracker to sync up with other instruments in Ableton using the MIDI Clock-In and Transport-In over USB but the Tracker seems to be behind, especially on the initial MIDI-Start command.
I can adjust the MIDI Clock Delay in Ableton to 140ms and things are somewhat in sync but it takes a couple seconds before it’s really comes together.

I personally prefer to have the Tracker be the master clock/transport for everything.
I’ve always had issues syncing devices up when the DAW is master (regardless of gear).

If you want to use the DAW as master, my usual workaround would be to add a empty Pattern at the beginning of the track, so that all devices can sync up properly.

Thanks a lot. I’ll give both suggestions a try.
And good to know that I’m not just forgetting some setting somewhere that would make everything sync perfectly.

It’s definitely not you. Syncing hardware with DAWs is notoriously obnoxious :joy:

Leaving this note here for future me’s…

Check your buffer size in Ableton. It will affect incoming signals differently than internal software instruments and causing syncing issues. Mine somehow got reset to 512 Samples and that was the issue.
I knew I had Tracker and Ableton working well together in the past. That was totally the problem.

Ah, there is also that of course. :laughing: