Tracker 1.8.0 -> "Play" not working? (SOLVED!)


I’m coming back to my Tracker after a few months, latest firmware 1.8.0

I load a existing project with samples and patterns; go to Sample Loader, check I can hear sample playback via Preview, everything works fine

I hit the Pattern button, see the trigs in the Grid and hit Play … but no sound is heard. The timer at the top of the screen starts, the “pause” icon switches to “play” … but suspiciously, the screen doesn’t start scrolling the way it did before

I thought I had the Tracker workflow down, but it feels like something has changed, but I don’t know what. Feels like I might be accidentally stuck in some kind of “mode”, but don’t know what

Any advice? Could this be a known bug? It seems to affect any project I load, or if I try one from scratch

Thank you!

  • Does this happen only for this project?
  • What happens when you start a new project? Does that “scroll” and play sound as expected?

Maybe your MIDI > Clock in = external?


MIDI Clock In. Perfect. Forgot I clocked it from an Octatrack months ago. Thank you.