Track speed/Track Length/Play Mode in Performance

Is that OK that the mentioned parameters can be changed in Perform mode? I always thought that if a parameter is avaialble in Perform mode, it’s safe to play with it as it reverts back to normal when switching from perform to pattern. So the other day I ran my pattern and played with Track speed/Track Length/Play Mode and realized that I totally messed up the pattern :upside_down_face:

Hi, thanks for your question. This is how Perform mode was designed since day one. If you’d like it changed, I suggest logging a Wishlist. We had no-one complain about this yet :slight_smile:

hi, thank you for your reply.
It was just a bit confusing. Some parameters (chance, repeat) are not accessible in Perform mode but others are and they usually revert back to default value when quitting perform mode. I was just expecting it’s completely safe to play with the track parameters as well. Not a big issue though, lessons learned.
And I have found a way to achieve what I want through Session Save/Session Reset.

  • [Save] to save a pattern
  • play with track length/track speed/play mode
  • [Shift] + [Reset] to restore the original pattern

The wonderful save and reset commands can make almost any parameter ‘performable’, including chance and repeat too!

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