Track reset after X steps/bars

this would be a partial solution (I reckon, most use cases would be fine with that), but the ability to set a reset per track allows a much deeper level of control of time between tracks, and each can be independant, which is not the case with the pattern reset. This wish would allow to set reset for any track indepedantly of any “master” track nor pattern length.

I totally agree with you that per-track reset logic would be a more powerful and versatile solution, but, on the other hand, it also seems way more complex from the development perspective. All-track reset on pattern restart solves like 80% cases and looks easier to achieve so I think we should focus on the easy solution first? The Pareto principle in action.


You’re right !!

for me I’d actually say chaining of variations would be more helpful. tho I may have had a different issue to you guys altogether.

There is another wish for this, welcoming votes: Chained variations. (you know this, this is a link for future readers) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t see how variations chaining could help here. Would you mind explaining that, please?

tbh I don’t know if variation chaining would work for this. it would work for what I want tho :smile: