Track Delays (Time Offsets)

What is the problem?

Most users wish to get their notes away from 100% quantize at some point and many do this not only with swing, but with whole track / sound / channel offsets. To do this on Tracker requires a micro-move on every step of a sequence.

What do you want to achieve?

Users need to be able to adjust track delay at the level of track / channel / instrument, not merely at the level of an individual sequencer step.

Are there any workarounds?

One can add silence to the beginning of samples but it is a kludge.

One can add micro move to all sequencer steps but then there is only one FX slot left over.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Every DAW has this.


If i understand you correctly, this would mean however that every note played for said track/channel/instrument will be delayed by a fixed amount, correct?

Yes. I propose adding a positive track offset delay time to add intentional latency to a given channel.

Also: on my Cirklon I also have the option to push notes FORWARD in time, just not the first note of a pattern. This too is quite useful.

It is one of those things that some users simply cannot do without. I use a whole FX lane for this on at least 50% of tracks in any given tracker project.


this will be super useful!

Hi @thephatconductor , thanks for you wish. As you know, in the context of Tracker sequencing is defined on per step basis, so a track can contain MIDI, audio of different instruments incl. FX or even just CC data all mixed together into a “track”. Time shifting this kind of track could cause unexpected problems. “Every DAW has this” but also every DAW has clearly defined track as either Audio or MIDI. So, we need more time to think about this one… in the meantime, please rely on the workarounds which you mentioned. Thanks for contributing!

Surely there is a way to set some FX for the whole track without using FX slots every time.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Hi miropoly,

you can also find this function in the classic Yamaha QY700 sequencer.
They called it ‘Click Shift’. It’s an extremely helpful and creative tool
while working on beats, moving all notes around on the fly, let’s say
a 16th, 1/8, 1/4… whatever, bringing elements into a new context.

Could even be implemented in Tracker Performance Mode.

Here is a pic from the QY manual.
They called those Play FX. You can change the value on the fly.
It would not be changed in the Edit List of the track, but just be put on
like a ‘mask’ (if that makes any sense, meaning it was non-destructive)
If you like the result you could normalise the Play FX into the track with a job

It’s just a great way to experiment with beats and come to new and
unexspected results in a quick and easy manner.

One of my favourite functions on the QY! :sunglasses: