TouchOSC Tracker Controller

I’ve created a free TouchOSC MIDI control interface designed specifically for the Polyend Tracker & Polyend Tracker Mini. This interface encompasses all available MIDI controls, a 4x12 pad grid and 2-octave piano keys with an adjustable octave range. Although I designed it to perfectly fit the screen of a recent iPad Mini model, it should fit well on any tablet screen.

The interface is organized into three sections:

MIXGRID: This section includes the 8-track mixer controllers, reverb mix, delay mix, dry mix, and line input. Additionally, there’s a 4x12 pad grid configured for optimal beat slice play.

PERFORM: Here, you’ll find sliders for the 12 FX controls and 8 pattern controls (Note: works exclusively in performance mode).

KEYS: This section offers a 2-octave keyboard with an adjustable octave range.

This version is a fundamental starting point. My goal is to eventually incorporate all the advanced features from my Max4Live Tracker Controller. However, my familiarity with TouchOSC is still growing, so I’ll need some time to delve into it’s scripting. Nonetheless, this version should prove useful for basic functionalities.

To use this interface, you’ll need Hexler TouchOSC, which is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Intel, ARM, and Apple Silicon. Visit their site for more information. Enjoy, and I hope it enhances your experience.

You can download it for free here.


That’s awesome! :partying_face: Well done! :clap:

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing :star_struck:

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What are the compatible devices people are using?
Only ios and only newer models?

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When it comes to iOS the more recent ones with USB-C seem to work best.

Android is always a mixed bag. I don’t have an Android Tablet, but:

  • a Samsung Galaxy S23 from last year did not work (which makes me guess Samsung Tablets will behave the same).
  • a much older Oneplus 7 Phone worked flawlessly though.

If you don’t want to get an ipad, it would probably be best to go to a store with the mini and try and connect it and see what happens :laughing:


This will work with anything tablet TouchOsc runs on that you can get MIDI out of as you just need simple one way midi out for it to work.

Devices that have usb-c out should work over usb-c in theory but that can be hit or miss as Sandroid pointed out though I think most issues are related to audio over usb-c on the mini. Midi only should be less problematic.

I’ve only tested on newer iPads with usb-c which work great.

Other devices you could use a midi interface to get the midi from the tablet to the tracker’s MIDI In Port.

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My android phone didnt work even though i switched to developer mode for usb midi output. Because of this switch to charging problem.

So when i get my Mini back from its maintenance in Poland i might try this one with the din/trs adapter:

This could also work perhaps for androids:

@inz1 Thanks so much for sharing ! And wow, well done crafting this ! I sure should give a try soon : x

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Thank you so much @inz1! This is so good and makes working with the tracker Mini much more fun :smiling_face:

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Awesome to hear! Great to see people are finding it as useful as I do. :call_me_hand:t3:

On my pixel I can used Midi over USB and route connections with Midi Hub.

What didn’t work for me was the UI template that OP shared. I’ll give it a try again today.