Touch sensitive encoders stop responding during jam session

Bug Description

During jam sessions using samples and synths the touch sensitive encoders stop responding to touch, and the screen only changes to the selected item when the encoder itself is rotated to change a parameter.

Reproduction Steps

This does not always happen and I have not noticed a pattern to reproduce it yet.



Found in

Version 1.0.1

Hello @pandigital, would it be possible to upload or share a zip file from the project that it happened with, so we can investigate it?

Sure @Hans
Next time it happens I will save the file and share it here

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Similar (same?) thing happened to me. Knobs wouldn’t respond to touch. I switched to audio tracks and the knobs responded to touch. Switched back to synth/midi tracks and the knobs responded to touch again.

Latest firmware

i’ve actually encountered this yesterday as well. after a prolonged session, the knobs on the MIDI/Synth side, wouldn’t change parameters anymore. Same as you - switching back to Samples and back to MIDI/Synth fixed the issue. I have yet to figure out how to cause this, or if this is just a weirdo bug that happens after extensive time of using during one session. During this session i did edit all 3 synths, so maybe it’s related to heavy menu-diving?

knobs stopped responding to touch here too
knob double tap = Off/On does not change this.
latest firmware

not a long session
some samples some synths