Three questions about tracker

Hi, don’t get me wrong, and sorry for the english, I loooove my tracker. In fact, I have 2 trackers but there are at the moment three questions that I want to do:

  1. Why PT doesn’t have midi program change in? All of my other synts have it, hydra, Typhon, megafm, digitone, etc…

  2. Timestreach beat never has worked to me with loops. Everytime I use it I finish with weird and strange loops, like distorted, I don’t know… Can somebody tell me how to do it right?

  3. Why the patterns 49 to 98 didnt have lights like 1 to 48… Sometimes I want to store patterns that I don’t use in the second page on the patterns and is a mess because there is no light in the buttons like the first 48.

Thank you very much and long live to tracker. It’s the best

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Hi @ameliagagarin,
Regarding the question 1: prog change is on CC 128! It is showed on page 47/48 of the manual (v1.6).

For beat stretching, I think it’s always a trial and experiement for me, you can use pitch & finetune to adjust and enable/disable antialiasing until it sounds the way you want.

There is also this method:

For 3. I’ll check.



Thank you… I think the PT does have Program change out, but no program change in. I’ve seen in the general questions about the PT in the Polyend web.

{Polyend Tracker is not programmed to receive MIDI PC messages (as far as firmware version 1.5)}

This is from the help page of Polyend website

Maybe in 1.6 there are program change in… I tested it on 1.5

Hi… Can somebody check that the pad lights doesn’t work from pattern 49 to 256? Thanks

There is a very simple explanation for that.

You only have 48 Pads :wink: .

The Tracker can only show you the lights for the first 48 Patterns and since they are not colored LEDs, there is no UI Pattern that would make sense to display more afterwards.

Unless you have an idea how they could make patterns beyond 48 easily accessible on the pads via some Shortcut-combo.


I don’t understand very well your answer, sorry, my English is so basic… But for example you could watch the pattern number in the screen and know that you are in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of patterns and you could watch which patterns are filled with notes with the lights of the pads…

When I make a lot of variations in the 1 to 48 pattern there are sometimes some patterns that I want to preserve but I don’t want it in the main 48 pads but I don’t want to delete in case that will be useful in a future, so I send that patterns to 49/96… In that page there are no lights and I don’t know which patterns are filled with notes… Sorry for the english and thanks for your answer.

No worries. Your english is fine. But maybe mine is too complicated. :laughing:
I’ll try to make it easier.

It is not supported. There is no shortcut / key-combination after the 48 patterns / pads.

  • Do you have a idea / suggestion / wish how you would like to make this happen?
  • For example: a key-combination that you think would be a good solution?
  • If yes: you can create a new topic in this forum as a wish:

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Hi, thanks. I wish it happens… For me, there wouldn’t be a shortcut to make that. If you are in pattern 55 and you press the pattern button bellow the number of pattern in the screen, you would be in the second page of patterns… And if you are working in pattern 240 and press that pattern button you’d be in page 4 of patterns. At least for me this approach makes sense.

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