The Tracker [live] Set Thread

First off, I want to give a shout out to Oneven for this dope live set only using the Tracker and OTO Boum! Seems like you can squeeze about a 40-50 minutes out of the machine utilizing one long track, all the sample slots and transitions built into patterns between tracks. You could also strategically use low quality imports for certain sounds that aren’t as critical to be higher quality. I think sample chains would also play a big part. Love Stazma’s tip of recording slight or wild variations of the same synth note.

There’s something super appealing about utilizing a limited amount of gear…show up to a random pub and bang out a quick set.

Please share your tips, tricks, stories for performing with your tracker and limited gear. What compressors or tricks are you using to make your PT slap live? Any issues translating clean sub content or mastered type sounds on larger PAs?



What a great performance. Now I’m looking at the Boum.

I’ve never used the Tracker live but @iso uses it a lot. This is really nice footage of the Superbooth 2021 Gesprächskonzert

I wish there were more stereo compressor options. The Pill pedal looks nice and is all about side chain compression. I wish the empress compressor was stereo, it has a side chain input. I think about getting a second one for stereo but splitting the side chain input and dialing in the setting on two compressors just seems like a hassle. I think I might prefer using a tiny eurorack setup with a sidechain compressor module, anyone have any suggestions?


I would definitely check out the RNLA Leveling Amplifier or Compressor. Stereo with side chain capabilities!

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Been there :raising_hand_man:t3: Great gig :raised_hands:t3:


I saw on youtube Gui Borato’s live set that included Tracker.
I hope it counts, as it is a hell of a lot of music, but Tracker is definitely not a centerpiece of the set.


Yo, Tracker can actually be a powerful tool for gigs. Currently, my live setup consists of a Tracker, Play, and Syntakt but I use them one at a time only. Two trackers for live shows are awesome because you can play DJ style and have the time to load up projects making. On that video up there I was matching the tempo manually. If the Trackers were synced then the master device would stop the playback of the slave device while loading another project but this way it allows for some nice tempo changes and creative transitions.
I’m pretty sure that one Tracker is enough for playing a regular 1 hour long club set. I have a project where i squeezed 14 patterns that I’m using as a base for creating 14 live tracks. You can smoothly go from one to another in pattern mode. Will play a gig with that tomorrow and let you know how it went. If i survive.
Keep it up guys!


Hi everyone!

Here’s the first live set video from “We’re not DJ’s” night, Cirié, Italy 02/11/2023

Tracker and Octatrack involved :slight_smile:

Mist of the sounds are coming from my instruments/samples pack collection, check it on Gumroad!

Thanks, have a great weekend! :heart::heart::heart:



I’m curious about your stand. Adam Hall? Looks like quite sturdy and not wobbling. And… do you have the Tracker like levitating? :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m always interested in imaginative solutions people come up with for stands.

I have one of these (on my casual home studio). I believe it’s smaller than yours, with a Maschine MK3 on top. It’s ok because I use the Maschine basically for effects only and I only turn some knobs and not much. However, it is a bit wobbly, and for finger drumming even more.

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It’s from Proel, an Italian company, which produces stands for microphones, stands for keyboards etc etc

Usually it’s fixed in the studio but my case is busy and I have to buy another one, so sometimes I take it live

It’s very solid and stable, big and also a bit heavy, but at least I’m sure nothing falls or disintegrates by itself in the middle of a set!:joy: The only thing, if you decide to get one, be prepared to cursing to mount it…:joy: