The play+ starts up with a few pad lights already lit up

Turned on my play+ tonight and most of the pads lit up in random colors before turning off. And now the first, third, and sometimes fifth pads (first row) light up in random colors.

Not sure what’s going on. Tried downgrading firmware and back to 1.0.1.

Just to clarify, it seems to work fine. Just that a few pads are lit up in random colors.

It was plugged in at different part of my home. I plugged it back where I typically use it and all the weird light issues went away.

did you use a different PSU as well?

I was using an Apple iPad charger when it started acting up. Oddly, I had used my play+ on the same wall socket and charger before without issue.

I normally use a power strip with built in usb ports.