The Future of Play Plus

it would be interesting if play+ got some kinda drum synthesis engine in the future.

a limited set of parameters that you could lock per step, bit like a dfam or microtonic or somit.

that would be pretty. cool.


I would love to get an granularsynth for the Play +


can I just say the play performance mode is exactly the kind of performance mode I’ve always dreamed of. it’s incredible. can’t wait to see what the synth perf mode is like when it gets released.

just wanted to say thanks to the team. top job :top:

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I think its best features are performance mode, chance, random, and fill. I think polyend should really lean into those areas.

Ability to have multiple chances (btw it would be great to have a different pad color for steps with chance), more random types, and a much easier way to come up with your own fills should be top priorities.

A performance mode on midi tracks where it’s sending different cc would be very cool.

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There is a wish for more chances. Please vote it!! :slight_smile:
The wish has been posted in this thread.

would it be technically possible to add a radio to play via software? or would it need a hardware receiver or somit?

Id guess it’s not possible. would be cool tho

a birra internal radio sampling and that.

Theres talk about a midiperformancemode, right? (Confirmed by the devs)
You say it will effect the synths?

Yeah would require hardware. Also FM is dying so it doesn’t even work a lot of places now.


Yeah, MIDI performance mode will be on the next update and will affect synths.


Love the device! but ofcourse have some wishes :wink:
In order of wishfullness

1a) trigless trigs (makes smooth automation possible)
1b) mixerpage
2) sample slicing
3) named and colorcoded patterns
3) export/bounce file renaming and saving to specific folder
4) preview of samples being stereophonic
5) option in settings to mirror samplepage to midipage
6) abort/cancel option for loading and playback

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Very curious if the 2 performancemodes can have a splitscreen to close the gap between the sample and midiside of the machine. :brain:

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Yeah would be neat if steps with a lower chance setting would lit proportionally dimmer. Or if the steps that won’t be triggered the current iteration of a pattern would somehow be visually distinguished from the steps that are to be triggered how it’s made in Bitwig Studio. But sure that won’t work if chances are calculated when a step is reached rather than at pattern start.

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