The display on my Play+ is loose

Edit: updated to correct video link

I bought it in “Mint” condition off Reverb. Am sending back and will probably buy a new one. Here’s a video of me showing it jiggle around.

Check yours!

I hope it’s not a QC or manufacturing issue affecting anyone else.

The screen on my Play does this (bought new).
Not an issue for me. I don’t touch the screen during use.

I ain’t ever touching the screen on my lovely new Play+ to even check. :sweat_smile:

I must say tho, the build on the play+ in general is very nice imo. encoders are rock solid. it feels very well put together.

hope your screen gets sorted.

All screens have a little wobble, they tend to break less seated this way, since it isn’t a touch screen. I think I’ve seen 1 cracked Play screen, maybe 2, in 2 years.

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I came to the forum specifically to ask about this, albeit about a Play not Play+. Is it normal, typical, and accepted on Play units? It was quite a surprise and quite concerning when I went to (gently) rub a smudge from the screen and it moved…

I have and have had lots of devices with such displays/screens and this is the first I’ve ever had that wobbles or moves like this. Is it really not a problem? It feels like I’ll wipe a mark or some dust off it one day and it will become disconnected and just stop working. :face_in_clouds:

Honestly it really isn’t a problem, the screen’s ribbon connector is not prone to disconnection.

It is engineered this way intentionally. You can crack it like any screen of course but the wobble actually makes it crack less on an indirect hit than something like your iPhone or a device with a screen with no movement, because there is some give to it. There is also a little pad in there on the back to help with this. Does that make sense?

I agree the build quality was otherwise very nice on my Play+ (I sent it back).

Are you not at all concerned that it jiggles?

I wish I had known this before I sent mine back.

Still, it seems like a strange design choice, to let it jiggle in order to prevent breaking? Seems counterintuitive.

To me, as a buyer, it was concerning enough for me to return mine. I literally thought something had been knocked loose or it had a manufacturing defect.

mine doesn’t, or at least it doesn’t look like it does. I have no need to press it sooo, I won’t. I touched it lightly earlier n it didn’t move. no issues here

No. It’s not like it rattles or causes the issues with anything.