Testing the OG Tracker & Tracker Mini project files to see if they are Cross Compatible

There is a bit of information about transferring from OG tracker → Tracker Mini. However I couldn’t find much for Tracker Mini → to OG Tracker.

TLDR; it works, however you need to keep in mind

  • stereo samples go by left channel mono
  • stereo wavetables use left channel mono
  • memory size 6min to 133 seconds so keep your projects small. (I barely hit 10% on the OG anyway)
  • if you go over, it will stop loading instruments after reaching the max limit. (Could there be a warning lable to tell users that Project exceeded the memory limit?)

why do this? cause I am fan of the OG tracker :slight_smile: and want to use them live. However the tracker mini has become my every day carry music easel. It just nice that both of them are compatible with each other.

If someone from the Polyend team could chime in if I missed something or made an error. I thank you.

Hope this helps


Thank you for testing this! I only own a Tracker mini and the desktop version was slightly appealing due to the extra controls, so this was definitely something I was curious about!

I think the best implementation would be to have this as a setting on the project level. “Legacy mode” or “Tracker-compat-mode” to restrict just the current project you want to share or to swap between units. Would truly love to have this!