Tempo Change FX can only set even tempo amounts

Bug Description

I’d probably describe this as more an oversight than a bug. It appears the effect to let you change the tempo can only be adjusted in intervals of 2. I have a song that is using a tempo of 95bpm because that’s what my samples are in. I want to do tempo changes in the the same pattern and then return back to 95bpm but the closest you can get is 94 or 96.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Go into record mode
  2. Create a note
  3. Open effect menu to select tempo change
  4. Use the pads or the wheel.


This is just how it’s programmed.

Found in

Version 1.6


simply drag and drop to upload or paste links to:
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Hi @tokyoscarab Thank you for your contribution. I’d suggest posting this as a wish.
If it meets our criteria, we will move it to voting. With a bit of luck, it may be implemented in our future updates. :slight_smile:

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