Techniques for making a sample "longer"

I have a feeling there’s a wealth of knowledge on this forum in regards to techniques with the tracker that could be shared among us so I thought I’d try out one example to see how it goes…

If you have a relatively short sample, say a stab, and you want it to ring out longer for whatever reason, how do you do it? Of course, there’s many ways to shorten a sample’s length but I can only think of dropping the pitch to make a sample longer. However, this usually changes the sound of the sample too much for most situations.

So any ideas?


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Make it a granular sample, and in volume instrument settings set a high decay, lower the sustain to zero, play around with the granular settings and such.


Another thing you might try is to loop a section of the sample and add a volume envelope. Change the playback to one of the loop modes, leave the start time at 0, and change the loop start and end time to something that sounds organic with the volume envelop controlling the fade out of the sample. Works better with ping pong loop on long ambient samples than plucks in my experience.

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