TD-3-MO in Polyend Play Plus

Hello there :blush:

My head is going to explode! I want to connect the td-3-mo with the Polyend Play Plus… But the sound is not working. I’ve connected the Midi-Out cable in both versions, and the clock works, but the sound is not coming out :pensive:

Can you help me? Thank you very much :people_hugging::people_hugging:

hi DamOne,
where is your audio cable from the td3 going? you need to connect your td3 audio out to something that has an audio in. like an audio interface, mixer, another unit in your setup that has an audio in etc.

that’s the first port of call.

Hi beautron :blush:

In the end, I connected the td3 to an Elektron Digitakt :+1:t2: Thanks for the message!

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no worries. glad you got sorted :slight_smile:

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