Tags from the "Wish & Bug statuses" family seem to have limited view permissions

Bug Description

The tags from the “Wish & Bug statuses” family seem to have limited view permissions. Anonymous users and many registered users don’t get the full list of topics using these tags.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Log out from Backstage and go to Topics tagged declined

Expected: user sees a list of 28 topics using this tag right now.

Actually: anonymous users don’t see any topics. Registered might see none or only a few (? maybe based on previous visits?)

There seems to a problem with the view permissions of the “Wish & Bug statuses” tag family.


Bug is reproducible always.

Found in



Mmm… maybe there is a problem with the configuration of the site? There are dozens of declined wishes. I’ll report a bug later, but in the meantime, see this screenshot:

This link seems to be the best way to get an overview of all declined wishes at the moment until Discourse fixes their problem :wink:



Ah yeah - I’m only seeing one!

I think I know what the problem is but I need to go away from keyboard for a bit. I will report a bug and, if it is what I think it is, it could be fixed today. Thank you @dan.apeks, this is one of those problems that moderators may miss because of… moderators’ special permissions.

I will also move these comments to the bug report. Please keep discussing Tracker stuff. :wink:

Hey all, I can’t see anything wrong with permissions, it is set that Everyone can see “Wish & Bug statuses” tag. Maybe someone else can figure out what’s wrong. Thanks for reporting!

Ah, maybe it is because the #wishlist:archive category seems to be muted by default? (this could have been me when Backstage was an internal prototype)

I’m hitting other little problems due to the fact that #wishlist:archive is muted by default. #declined wishes disappear from the user timeline even when they had read them before unless they are following them. This adds to the confusion.

Can #wishlist:archive be unmuted, please? There is a setting “default categories muted”. When changing the categories, Discourse asks whether the changes need to be applied to all users. In this case, a Yes would be justified, to make the category visible for everyone.

Done! Thanks @icaria36 , I think this worked! :clap:

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