Synth instruments not outputting to USB audio tracks?

Upgraded to Tracker+ in part because of the multichannel USB audio support. Seems to work great except that the new synth instruments aren’t being sent out on the individual tracks. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Make a pattern that has some samples on track 1, and an ACD instrument on track 2. Be sure to add some reverb or delay the ACD instrument.

  2. Connect to your DAW. (In my case, Logic Audio 11) Wire in all the Tracker + inputs. Record your track

Result: the samples will sound on on track 1 (inputs 3+4) but the ACD instrument on track 2 (inputs 5+6) will be silent. Interestingly, the reverb from the ACD instrument is audible on inputs 19+20, and if you monitor the stereo out (1+2) the ACD instrument is fully present.

Conclusion: the synth instruments will only sound over USB over the stereo mix, reverb, and delay pairs, but they won’t send to the individual stereo track inputs. Until this is fixed, I don’t see how I can mixdown the new synth instruments, which is a shame…

The Synths have their own USB channels, i’m not exactly 100% sure but i think it’s the following channels:

  • Synth 1 (23 + 24)
  • Synth 2 (25 + 26)
  • Synth 3 (27 + 28)

i may be wrong about the numbers but they are somewhere towards the end of all the channels.

AH! Awesome, that makes sense. Yes, I added a channel for inputs 23+24 and there they are. I was relying on thehandy chart in the manual but it’s not up-to-date…

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 11.30.30 AM

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