Synth Event and Play Workshop in DTLA this weekend

I’ll be doing a workshop about the Play this weekend called “Fast Tracks and Finished Songs” all about…well, making and finishing tracks on the Play. It is this weekend at the Buchla and Friends event on Saturday in downtown LA . Workshop is at 4:15 p.m. The event is sold out but I have a few guest passes. If you want to go shoot me a DM here.


man i am learning the hard way right now not to schedule family / kid related things during NAMM weekend. This looks awesome. Have fun!


best of luck with the workshop.

man, I love Play+. it’s my favourite piece of gear in a long time

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Hey Chris! Nice to see you here. That was a really fun event. I would also recommend Superbooth in Berlin to NAMM. If you are touring around Europe this summer it is worth the stop! I think it is around May 15th.

Thanks, it was a fun workshop and I had more fun at the event than I usually do at NAMM (I could hear people talk, and actually explain things!)

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Will there be a video available from your workshop ?

When are you coming down to do an australian workshop?

Sorry didn’t film it, but maybe I’ll refine it and film it someday.

As for Australia…no plans Jamie, sorry!

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