Synth design tutorials

Hi - are there any tutorials / videos etc on how to go about creating synth sounds and is there any specific documentation about the parameters that can be set in the synth menus and the differences between the various synth engines?

I think the best description can be found in the Play+ Manual, check page 82, Chapter 5.7 Synthesizer Options.

You should be able to follow any tutorials on substractive synthesis, in the case of the ACD, FAT, VAP engines… or FM synthesis in the case of the WTFM engine.

Yes, there is! Check the Play+ Manual at page 89 and you’ll find everything you need to edit patches in Chapter 5.9 Editing a Synthesizer Patch.

Hope that helps and have fun exploring :blush:


Here is a good one by a professional sound designer!


this is great - thanks!

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I will be making a series on this, it is just a lot of work so it will take a bit of time, but yes I plan on this !!!

(Ron Cavagnaro on youtube)


Hey-hey, it would be really helpful to see the schematics of the engines. There’re not in the manual.

As promised, here is episode 1 guys!!! Play+ Synth video here is very basic, playing with 1 synth engine. Will go deep into each engine in the next episodes! Perfect if you are struggling with the synth engine on here, or if you are looking to see what it’s like on Play+!!!


In this NEW episode of Polyend Play+ Synth programming, we go over all of the parameters for the ACD synth in long form content, be sure to check it out! >>>


Looks like I am on a roll! Here is episode 3, where we cover the FAT synth parameters. I had a LOT more content (30+ mins) but had errors and issues so this was all I could fit in.

edit just added episode 4

Here is the NEXT episode 4 of the Play+ Synth Basics where we go over programming VAP synth engine!

Here is the final synth basics episode!!!