Syncing the Tracker's MIDI Clock Out

Hi. I’ve been running the Tracker out to Expert Sleeper’s FH-2 as my kind of DAW-less brain for my Eurorack and I’m having a really hard time getting the Clocks to work in sync. I’m using the Tracker’s MIDI-out and MIDI-in, in case that’s any different than the USB-C MIDI out.

When I hit Play on the Tracker, I would expect the clock to start immediately on the FH-2 but it’s always behind the clock on the Tracker. I can tell especially because the MIDI notes are played much earlier than the clock data so my Eurorack is always significantly behind the drums that are played on the Tracker. It’s really hard to tell what could be causing that delay but if anyone has any ideas, it would be super appreciated.

It feels to me like the Tracker is supposed to send some initial Clock out message when Play is hit but it’s not being sent so the FH-2 treats the second ppqn message as the first clock out. It really is milliseconds behind but it’s incredibly noticeable when it comes to drums.


Solved but I’ll leave this here in case it helps anyone in the future.

I had not set the “Transport out” to the MIDI Out jack… That is where the Start/Stop signals are being sent.
It all works as expected now.

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Glad you got it solved so quickly. Have fun :partying_face: