Switching patterns using Pattern + left/right arrows displays previous pattern number in footer and header

Bug Description

Patterns are copying / aliasing when jumping from one to the next, simply by moving from one to another with the jog wheel (not copying and pasting any entire pattern at all) it also happening when not in record mode.
I’ve had instances where it’s pasted a particular pattern multiple times … and I can only retrieve previous work by then reverting to the last saved project.

Reproduction Steps

  • pattern edited
  • move to next patter with jog wheel - pattern may or may not have note / fx data
  • previous pattern pasted on new pattern moved to (unintentionally)
  • when switching back a pattern it sometimes corrects
  • sometimes it can happen in multiple instances and over-edit multiple previously written patterns
  • a version of this often can be im switching to from 99 to pattern 100 (red pattern UI flashing as 100) and it then actually jumps to another random pattern.


bug is reproducible often if i am switching between patters to edit transitions etc. It almost if the tracker is struggling (as per @sandroid , RAM situation suggestion maybe?)

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


(Dropbox - POLYEND - Simplify your life)

I’ve updated the bug description to follow our template and removed your serial (as it is not required). :blush:

If you can, please add the Firmware Build Number, which you should be able to find in the Config of the device.

And of course, most importantly, i’m sure Polyend is looking forward to a project where this behaviour can be reproduced. This will be extremely helpful for finding this possible bug.

As a side note for Polyend:

@kingstogie, has mentioned the following here:

Which is why one theory could be some sort of memory issue.

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Thanks @Sandroid !
ill add the firmware build number as soon as im home later … and ill send the project file.
Best as a ZIP drop into upload?

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if the file is small enough (i think < 3-4 MB), then you can just upload it here. Else you might want to share a Dropbox, Google Drive or equivalent Link.

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Hi! @kingstogie I’m trying to reproduce this bug on my Tracker.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. I downloaded your attached project
  2. Edited a random Pattern: Added a few Notes and Fx’s here and there.
  3. Scrolled up to another Pattern.

Any other steps that are most likely to reproduce it? I can’t so far :slight_smile:

Hi @borsuk thanks for the attention to this.
OK - it happened last night so its fresh in my mind…
If you got to somewhere where there are lots of patters and do some editing / writing and then jump between patterns with the jog wheel… you should find that you will get a pattern pasted / duplicated where you do not wish …
im curious if it is when i am quickly editing and jumping between 2-3 patterns and the machine, it seems , cannot switch quickly enough and does not refresh the pattern page and its ends up sticking.
Might sound odd but its happening a fair amount.
Also try it with record armed… its done it in both scenarios for me.

If hard to explain, why not try to make a video?
Might help to understand the issue better maybe?

good idea - ill try .
im sure it will behave when i do. Like when you go to the doctor and all of sudden dont feel ill haha

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hi @borsuk ive added a video clip.
if you watch at the beginning of the video and at 1:15 you will notice the pattern set to change from 101 back to 100 and see that it incorrectly switches to the pattern data from track 99 (two tracks of low pass in fx 1 - on track 4 and track 3)
patterns 100 and 101 only have the fx low pass data in track 4 (best thing to look out for as its confusing to watch, i know)
in this example when i change pattern again the tracker corrects itself - but - many times it doesn’t, and the incorrect pattern is then stuck duplicated over what was there before.
I’ll try to capture it if i can where it sticks and i cant undo.
doesn’t happen frequently but enough to raise it as an issue.

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Hi @kingstogie. Thank you for the video. It was indeed tricky to catch it, but it finally worked.
We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.
I also renamed the topic, to make it less confusing.


hi @borsuk - thats great , thanks for letting me know.
I am pleased you could catch it as it is easy for me to spot as i am familiar with the data i’m inputing but not to someone else , necessarily.

hi @borsuk - i noticed you changed the topic header which makes sense for the video i sent , ill try to send a video showing when it stays and overwrites the pattern as that is the main issue i want to highlight.
Thanks again.

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