Stop all audio that is currently playing when tracker is paused

Hi all, is there a way to stop all audio playback? This happens in 2 situations: 1) I’m playing a synth and I change instruments, sometimes a note gets stuck on, even when the sequencer isn’t playing. 2) you have a lot of delay or reverb and the sound continues on for a long time after the tracker is paused. I took a look through the manual but I couldn’t see anything related to this. Many thanks!

Hey @MoChreach, welcome to Backstage! :partying_face:

I don’t think there is “Panic” style stop per se available.

But what you can do is go into the Sample Loader or Sample Recorder. That will stop everything as well.


Brilliant, thanks @Sandroid, I’ll give that a try. :+1:

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We need a key combo to make the same than the double stop press in Elektron boxes.


Yup or super panic on the OP-Z, that’s what I was looking for.