Stereo Sample Playback

What is the problem?

Polyend Play internally converts stereo sample to mono, losing precious depth information of a sample.

What do you want to achieve?

It would be awesome to get Stereo sample playback, event with half the internal memory time.

Are there any workarounds?

You can pan, use delay and reverb internally but the engine lost the real stereo information like, acoustic stereo field, difference in timber and tone between the two channel, depth of the image, etc.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Akai MPC line, Roland SP series, Korg Electribe, Synthstrom Deluge,


There is a stereo adjuster in the Tracker’s mixer area that’s purely for audio output. What I do is export my stems (muting each channel) as songs so master reverb and echo is applied per mixdown, then transfer each stem to PC for mixing and applying additional FX, including stereo spread for each track.

I understand that you live well with the fact that the internal sound engine downmix stereo sample into mono, and at the end of the song creation, in post-production you kind of find a way to export individual track in mono to process then again. … ( for me panning mono source into two track is not stereo, even with stereo delay or stereo reverb. It still mono downmixed source pan into two track with actificial effect). I can also make stereo information from a real mono source in a DAW , but it weird to pass stereo thru a machine that make mono from stereo sample to export them again to process them to make stereo again… it a king of spinal down thing :wink:


@mlemay09 thank you for contributing to the #wishlist!

These are technically two wishes, one for Tracker and one for Play, given that these are different platforms. Which one do you prefer for this wish here? Then, once this draft is ready, you can create another wish for the other device.

Your wish is clear. It only needs to be written in a neutral / third person style to make it a community wish instead of a personal one – see Writing a good feature request.

If the hardware is capable of that, it would be nice. I imagine, Play could load mono samples by default providing 6 minutes of memory and if user tries to load stereo samples too, it could ask if he/she needs to preserve stereo images by giving up 3 minutes of internal memory. Maybe it’s a wild, not achievable fantasy.

@mlemay09 Unfortunately, this is not possible due to technical/performance reasons. Thanks for your contribution.

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