Stem Export filenames should use custom track names if they are available

When you set custom track names and export stems, the filenames of the stems do not match those of the custom-named tracks. If the stem filenames matched the custom track names, it would help keep things organized and save time later in postprocessing. This could be a configuration option in case some people prefer the generic names over the custom names.

What is the problem?

When exporting stems the file names generated do not reflect any custom track names.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to reuse the custom tracks names as filenames for the stem exports, instead of just using the generic Track1 … Track8.

Are there any workarounds?

Renaming each track after the stems are exported.

Any links to related discussions?

There’s a wish for the Mini:

Any references to other products?

Shamelessly copied from the Mini wish.

Hi @fulhjort, there’s no need for a separate wish for the Tracker and the Mini, in this case the wish will apply for both devices :slight_smile: