Speed parameter (Ticks/Pattern Lines) in addition to BPM

Hi there.
I’m an old school Tracker boy, started in the early nineties with OctaMED on Amiga, in 1997 I’ve printed my first vinyl with a track made on Fasttracker2. Old good times.
After so many years, I had a “backfire”, like we use to say in Italy.
The Polyend Tracker is outstanding, not perfect but absolutely a marvel of technology that I could only have dreamed of as a child.
That said, the lack of SPEED parameter is a downside for me: let me explain.
I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding “FX TIME”, It’s cool, but far from what SPEED is.
For example, I’m aware that a 120BPM track to play as i want to need to be set at 240BPM, but everything connected to the tracker would be affected, and this is a total mess.
This means I can work only at 1/16 resolution, and for my perspective It’s a huge restriction.
Hope this make sense, I’m new to this Tracker, but seems there are no functions related to SPEED.

Any help will be appreciated, and an upgrade would be awesome.


I second that a clock divider of some sorts would be awesome. I would use it to change the behaviour of the Roll Fx and make it more usable for my taste. Totally worth to create a wish for it :wink:


Hey @onoa , i’m an ol’ Protracker head myself :wave:

As @merlin mentioned, feel free to create a Draft wishes entry any time :wink:

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I’ve tried but, it says I can’t :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Or maybe I’m too old!

yes. I would like to propose another fueature to add: to be possible to change rows - note/instruments/fx1/fx - via arrow keys as well, not only via dedictaed func buttons - my muscle memory from times when i was using fasttracker is still on and i am sometimes accidently jumping to row but in another channel.