Sounds with Gate Lengths <18 are silent when Clock In set to any external source

Bug Description

All sounds with a gate length less than 18 are silent when Clock In is set to any external source.
Sounds with Gate Lengths <18 play correctly when Clock In is set to Internal. When Clock In is changed to any external source all steps with a gate length <18 become completely silent.

This occurs with all external clock sources both USB and MIDI I have tried including Polyend Play, Ableton Live, Roland TR-6S and Korg Minilogue XD. BPM of external clocks were set to the same BPM as the project’s internal clock setting when testing.

I expect the pattern to sound the same with all Clock In settings.

Reproduction Steps

w/ Attached Project

  1. Open attached project
  2. Set Config > MIDI > Clock In to Internal
  3. Select Pattern 1
  4. Hit Play and observe pattern
  5. Stop Pattern
  6. Change Config > MIDI > Clock In to any external source
  7. Play Pattern 1 again
  8. Notice all steps with gate length <18 are silent.

w/ New Project

  1. Create new project
  2. Set Config > MIDI > Clock In to Internal
  3. Load any sample and create a pattern
  4. Fill a Gate Length Effect with a value of 17 to all steps with Notes
  5. Play pattern and notice it sounds correct
  6. Stop pattern and change Config > MIDI > Clock In to any External Source
  7. Connect to anything with a MIDI Clock Out (Play or Live for example) and send clock to Tracker
  8. Play the pattern again and notice all sounds are silent
  9. Change the Gate Length value to 18 and notice the pattern sounds correct again
  10. Change Gate Length to any value below 18 and notice all sounds are silent again


bug is reproducible always

Found in

  • Version: [1.7.1]
  • Build: [561]

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Hi @inz1 , thank you so much for detailed report and apologies for taking us so long to react. Maybe you noticed, we just released a new product and being a small team, we needed strong focus for that.
We will try to address this issue in upcoming updates. Thanks for your patience and support.

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Cool good to hear it’s on the radar. BTW… my Mini arrived today and I can confirm it is suffering from the same issue.

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Just an FYI that I tested this issue on Tracker Mini 1.0.1 and can confirm the issue still exists.

My man, thank you so much for following up on this issue. :love_you_gesture:
I had a project from a couple months back that I had a thing with a couple steps being silent and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the issue was. Reading this post made me think of that project and after loading it up, sure enough those steps I was having issues with had gate values of 10-12 and being externally clocked. Just wanted to share my gratitude in helping me unblock that project :clap:

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Yes, issue still exists. Once it’s fixed we will inform you both here and in the release notes. Thanks for your support and patience :slight_smile: