Sound chopped when usb-c + ios synth are in

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Why when I connect my iphone + a virtual synth ios app via usb-c to my tracker mini, in order to control it in midi, the sound is chopped? (The tracker sound like the ios synth sound, as if a delay had been applied).

When I disconnect the usb/usb-c cable, the tracker sound returns to normal…

Also, is there a way to send only the midi notes via usb and not also the ios synth sound?

(The midi notes are sended, but also the sound from the iphone, and the sound is chopped…)

I know, it’s a lot of text…


With iOS / iPadOS i’ve noticed that the order in which you connect and start things is very important.

  • Turn off the Tracker and close all the applications on iOS.
  • Connect the tracker via cable to your phone
  • Then turn on the tracker.
  • Then you can start your applications

This atleast should solve any distorted or weird sound issues.
As far as only sending midi notes. That is currently not possible via USB, it always tries to connect as an interface as well.

Hope that helps :blush:

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Thank’s, i’ll try in this order, but what about the video of polyend where he insert notes with the moog app, there, only the sound from the poly are on…

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either the audio from the synth was muted or that connector/adapter did not support usb audio. i’m honestly not sure.

@iso care to give some details on that?

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This is indeed a bug now, the earlier version I was using back then doesn’t have this issue. Now when I try, it really messes up the notes in a way that they sound like put through a square LFO. I’ll report the bug to our dev team. As for isolating the external sound, you can simply turn that one off (turning off the oscillators or turning down the volume on the Model D app. Thank you.