Song mode start sync

Hi, I have a question:
What midi CC command should be sent to the tracker to start the song mode, not the pattern?
I need to synchronize the start of the song mode with the start of midi recording on the computer, in order to record all the midi automation prescribed in the tracker.

Also, unlikely of course, but still - maybe someone here has used magic music visualizer? I can’t understand how to synchronize the start of midi recording and the “play” button on the tracker.

Hey @guadonna2196 , there is no specific CC for this.

Wouldn’t it be enough to enable Transport In and Clock In in the MIDI Config, for your use-case?

If i understand you correctly you are sending clock from external anyway, yes?

Clock has nothing to do with it, I’ll explain what the point is:
I use audio visualization software and it has the ability to control parameters in a midi patch. There is no clear connection between the software and the clock tracker, the patch in the program reacts to audio and midi commands in real time. But you can’t record and render live, but there is a possibility to record realtime midi from an external device and use the audio file instead of the direct signal from the device, which I use. That is, to render visuals with music and midi control I need a master track and a midi file with recorded automation. But there is no synchronization of the start of recording in the program with the start of playing the track in the tracker.

I checked with the developers on the forum whether it is possible at all, they said that there is no such function. That’s why I have the following idea - to write a macro that would send a midi signal to the tracker when the record button is pressed in the software, so that the track in the song mode would start playing at the same time, that’s why I want to know what type of message the tracker would react to. In the manual did not find a section with midi implementation.
I hope ± understandably explained, I myself have a headache already from the new sphere of visual.

I realize that this is a crutch and a complete perversion, but this is all I’ve come up with so far.

Ah i see. I’ve only dabbled slightly in Magic Visualizer and haven’t tried MIDI with it yet.
So essentially all you want to do is start the song - gotcha.

Then i’d say, keep the clock internal and set Transport IN to USB (or MIDI) on the Tracker.

You’re macro would have to send a MIDI Start command 0xFA (see: MIDI Specification: MIDI Start).

Btw, the 0xFA would be a status byte.

This should hopefully start the tracker playback.

If not, let me know. I might be able to help with a simple web-solution to your problem.
I’ve used the tracker before to synchronize midi with visualizations. See:

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Thanks a lot! I’ll try it.
All that’s left is to learn how to write macros)

Well i’ve got some bad news for you :laughing:

I’ve tried a quick example with WebMIDI:

This example sends a simple MIDI Start (or Stop) command to the selected device.
While the command is sent succesfully nothing happens (except for the stop command, if the tracker is already running).

This is because MIDI specs require the start command to be followed by clock commands.
Which means - without sending an external clock, the start won’t achieve anything.

So to conclude: you currently can’t just send a Start command to the Tracker.

Is there a specific reason why you can’t just manually start the Tracker when recording with Magic Visualizer? Are the visuals that tightly synced?

If i understand correctly you could send transport to Magic Visualizer and possibly trigger recording there? I mean they do claim this:

Control nearly every parameter instantaneously with MIDI from live input

Source: Features | Magic Music Visuals

That’s just me, I like everything to be automated. Of course you can do everything manually, but like I said, in this case it’s a bit unsynchronized and it’s bugging me a bit)

Yes, it is possible to send midi signals directly from the device, but in case I want to render it all - I need to write a midi file.

Anyway thanks so much for participating, I watched the demo from github, it looks incredible. I subscribed to the channel and I’m looking forward to more videos!)

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Ah it can’t live record? Could it send the realtime output to something like OBS? Then you could record from there.

No worries! :smiling_face: I love to obsess about these things as well :sweat_smile:. And thank you :heart:

Realtime processing in 2k resolution is too much for my laptop, it can explode)

Try opening Song page and then press play on external device which is sending the clock/transport.

That would be the third link in the chain, already too complicated… But I’ll give it a try, thanks