Some WAV files are distorted

Bug Description

Some WAV files play back with a lot of distortion (it seems this happens for 32 Bit float WAV files) on the Play

Reproduction Steps

  1. Load a WAV file that uses 32Bit float


bug can be reproduced with a lot of 32Bit float WAV files

Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)


Unfortunately I can’t attach a file. I could provide one to reproduce the effect


About attaching files, I believe the current limitations are on file type (zip files are accepted) and newcomers (to reduce risk of spam).

Can you try again with a zip file, please?

Thanks! The attached file should show the problem. (1.4 MB)

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@JimP4nsen thank you for reporting this and sorry you’re experiencing the problem! We will try to fix this in the upcoming updates.


Thanks a lot!