Some Tracker thoughts

Hi I’m looking to buy a sampler and I’m leaning on a 1010 blackbox but i like what i read about Polyend tracker. I never used a tracker kind of sequencer and thats really the only thing holding me back to buy one. It seems very fast to work with and have a really good editor with lots of fx as it seems?
So for a newbie with that kind of sequencer. Can i do poly rythmics for example?
In edit mode it looks like effects can be destructive like a real sound editor is this correct?

if you dont like the sequencer, theres no way to get to the sampler but through it. polymeters are not possible. fx are destructive to whats in ram.

I don’t know if i would like it because i never tried a tracker… if i choose to control the samples from my play it’s not a good solution?

unfortunately you cant do that in any meaningful way. but the sequencer is very straightforward. some prefer sequencing this way, you can get different results from its workflow than other workflows but your artistry will show through no matter what method you use. tracker is a delightfully easy to use device with not too much depth, perfect for a beginner actually.

Hehe yes i do hope my artistry will show as that is the whole point :grin:
I downloaded the manual for it i check out the sequencer part…

just jump in.

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I was hoping for similar use when I got it, but nope. It won’t work in your setup. Save your money for a real kind of sampler. This is all about the sequencer. The sampling function is more like a gimmick (makes it sounds worse than it is, but it is just not to be used with external gear… and no playing of samples on different midi channels) and is designed to use only with the Tracker itself.

It’s NOT a sampler, it’s a Tracker! But a good one…

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Thanks for that honest reply.
Then Blackbox is what i think i get.

I have both (disclaimer, I work for 1010music). The blackbox does have a more traditional piano-roll sequencer, and a song mode that lets you chain patterns.

For banging things out, I prefer the tracker interface. For resampling (which to be fair, the Trackers do well) and mixing together multiple clips, the blackbox is stronger.

Polyrhythms can be done on the blackbox, albeit only slightly better than the Tracker — by resampling, trimming, and triggering. But it’s still a little fiddly, and we frequently get comments over at the 1010music forum with ideas on how we can improve it.

Honestly, I think they’re both great instruments, but as @Mex says, the Trackers aren’t really samplers in the same way that the blackbox is. I tend to see the Tracker and the Tracker Mini as great sequencers with an interesting workflow and an excellent way to play samples with some instrument stuff tacked on, and the blackbox as a traditional clip launcher and sampler with MIDI control and sequencing bolted on.

Both have a place in my studio, though.

That said, this week I’m working on a composition on the Tracker Mini, and the bluebox is sitting unused and looking jealous!


Ok thanks for your input!
I decided to get the blackbox and Torso S4 for fun modulation effect sampling. It’s crazy the haven’t even released a manual yet still people pay money for the near future release
I wait until the first batch is realesed and the firdt reviews.
Only four tracks/channels but i belive It’s fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying the blackbox! I really hope you enjoy it and that it works for your creations.

Not to go too OT, but I was very tempted by the Torso as well. I did not preorder it; I’m waiting to see what people say. But the Torso folks are very good at what they do, and I have high hopes that they will hit a home run with this one.

I will do the same. I think it will be a hit.