Some popular breaks prepped for the play and tracker

When I was working on this song Deep Sea Jungle : Ambient DnB Featuring the Polyend Play [official Music Video] - YouTube, I wanted to test a few different ways to handle slicing on the play. Got a little out of hand… Got access to a few good breaks and prepped them. I uploaded them to my server but should be shared for people to use, if its ok by polyend to share samples here?


Hey Aisjam,

Yeah, feel free to share samples here, thanks! Probably the best place to share them would be the Scene section

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Cheers @Mitch,

Tried to add a Dropbox link to the file on the scenes sample page however don’t have permission. Guessing that goes to the main website? Here is the link btw Dropbox - - Simplify your life


Thanks for the shares! This is amazing!!!

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Wow! This is an unbelievable amount of work you’ve done, thank you for sharing it! Very excited to use.