Small visual bug when adjusting Sample Start / Sample End of multiple steps holding different samples

Bug Description

When multiple steps are selected and at least one is a different sample, Sample Start and/or Sample End will display 0.0% even if there is a value to that parameter. The Play should continue to display the actual value of the other parameter the same way it does across the other knobs

Reproduction Steps

  1. Assign any sample to an empty step
  2. Assign a different sample to another step
  3. Use Shift+ steps to have both steps selected
  4. Make an adjustment to the Sample Start value (let’s say 50% in this example)
  5. Switch to the Sample End parameter.
  6. Notice that Sample Start now displays 0.0% instead of 50%
  7. Make an adjustment to the Sample End value (let’s say 20% in this example)
  8. Switch back to the Sample Start parameter
  9. Notice that Sample End displays 0.0% instead of 20%



Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below


  • Version: [1.4.1]
  • Build: [1099]

Play Plus

  • Version: [1.0.1 beta]
  • Build: [1376]


Hi @dan.lgrnd Thanks for your report, I’m sorry you’re having issues. This particular case is by current product design.

Changing sample start- and end points for multiple steps simultaneously works as expected.

This is how any parameter behaves if there are different parameter values for the selected steps. In the case of Sample Start/End for different samples, different values will always be involved. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to look into this Hans!

In my example in the bug description, it’s the same value being applied to 2 steps that have different samples. In every other knob/parameter on the Play, the non-selected parameter displays their current value. It’s only Sample Start/End that display as 0%.

@Hans, I made a quick video and attached it in the template to better explain the issue :slight_smile:

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