Slot Column in Song Mode

In song mode, only the “Patter” column can be seen on the right. In the description there is also the “Slot” column next to “Pattern”. Has there been an update here or is this a defect? Thank you for answer and help.

Hey @beatloaf , welcome to Backstage :partying_face:

I’m guessing you mean the Slot Indicator that existed before Firmware 1.8 ?
See screenshot:

This has been removed to make space for Pattern Names.
As it was only a incremental number, it had little value.

You can still Add Slot and Delete Slot as normal. So nothing else has really changed.

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Dear Sandro, that´s exactly what I was looking for. Even though I suspected that it had something to do with an update, I´m glad to have confirmation from you now. Thank you very much for your help and best wishes form Germany.
Jo :green_heart:

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Seems like there’s a lot of room in other places for the slot # to be listed and for this to be helpful.
If there was a config slot for users to define the number of steps in a measure/bar, then this value could tell the user what bar the song is at, which would help me match up transitions in my DAW.
Instead of having its own column, this value could be on the top row.
It’s a lot more useful to me than the amount of time the song has been playing, especially if I am starting the song at an intermediate slot and it no longer corresponds to the time elapsed of an actual “song”.

Or the tracker could compute how much previous time has elapsed up to where the song pointer is so we could manually match the Tracker’s position to the DAW?

Feel free to write a wish in Draft wishes if you’d like to see this as a future improvement :blush: