Sidechained render selection

Hello, is it possible to resample sound with a sidechain effect using the “render selection” function?

For example, I want the sidechain effect to be only between kick and bass part, I set up the sidechain and try to resample the bass track, but the bass track ends up being resampled without effect.

I would like to know who and how avoids this limitation of functionality, maybe there is some other interesting way to achieve the desired effect, while not applying sidechain to all tracks

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I think sidechain is only rendered when you render/export the entire song or stems of the song.

So one way would be to create a song that is just the pattern or part you want to export and render it to stems.

Another solution would be to use the Volume Step FX orr even the Filter Cutoff to simulate the pumping/sidechain effect.

Got it,

I tried to use the resampling method that you described, export the pattern as a master track, but in this case in addition to the necessary track in the sample there will also be a “second” sound, in my example it would be a kick.

If we talk about automating the volume or filter, you get a very clipped sound. If you use LFO, there is no way to write something more complicated than 4\4 kick, so that the sense of presence of the sidechain effect is preserved…

No information about the possibility to sidechain only selected channels in the upcoming firmware or resample with this effect?

Not that i know of, but the new audio path may remove the clipping when using the volume or filter effect. But feel free to create a wish for this feature. It would be nice if the sidechain effect could be optionally be rendered to a selection.

To create a wish go here: Draft wishes - Polyend Backstage