Shortcut to jump quickly between Tracks

What is the problem?

To select a track whilst in pattern mode you have to use arrow keys to move from track to track

What do you want to achieve?

Quickly jump between tracks by using a keyboard shortcut.
For Example:
Pattern + Any of the 8 Screen Keys

Are there any workarounds?

Only via the arrow keys (multiple presses or keeping the key down).

Any links to related discussions? Not sure

Any references to other products? Not sure


Hey @thomasdavidbradley , you can already Arm tracks by pressing Shift + Rec and then any of the 8 Screen Keys.

I’m not sure if that already solves your wish. What was the other thing you wanted?

Sorry my request was a bit convoluted, essentially I want a way of selecting a track via the 8 function buttons. I think Pattern + Function button is free so maybe that could be used? At the moment to move highlighted cell/note from eg track one row 5 to track 8 row 5 I have to either hold down right arrow key or press it multiple times - it’s a minor thing but for heavy editing I want to jump straight to a track quickly rather than so many button presses with the arrow keys. I don’t think there is a shortcut to do this already?

Gotcha. I reworded your request to only contain the meat of things. Hope that is ok with you :blush:

Yes that’s it great! Would massively improve editing experience for me thanks!

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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