Shipping from retailers?

I know June or July is the ship date from Polyend. I’m curious if that same date will be (roughly) when it’s available from retailers like Sweetwater, Perfect Circuit, etc. I was one of those that helped bring down the website and gave up, and instead ordered from a third-party.

Hi, the Polyend people keep being very busy at the booth (good!), but I asked, and they say that “depends on the third party”, but if you say that you preordered on the first days, then you shoukd be fine. For instance, those who purchased on Sweetwater and Perfect Circuit on the first days will get their devices at the same time (July) than those who purchased directly from Polyend.

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I ordered my mini on April 22nd when it was still exclusively only offered by Polyend but I was put in the August shipment. Then a couple weeks or so later I started to see retailers offering it. So, are you saying that the people that ordered after me from retailers will receive their mini in July before me? Can I get in on the earlier shipment?

This is a bit complicated, and unfortunately I cant give you a 100% for sure answer on this. Orders will start shipping in the order they were placed. A large number of preorders were placed the first day, so if you ordered within 24 hours of the release you would likely get your unit a few days earlier than someone that placed their order on day 2, and then they will continue to ship in that order. If you placed your order on April 22, that would be right at the beginning of the 2nd batch of Minis so you would get it well in advance of anyone ordering now and likely around the same time as most dealers would get it to you currently.


Ah I get it. I just ordered in a weird window. I’m just so excited for its arrival. Patience is an excellent skill to exercise :joy: thanks for your response. Also wondering, do you have an Idea about when the manual will be ready?


No problem, I would feel the same way if I didn’t have a prototype!

The manual will be ready closer to release date as the development team is hard at work on Mini firmware 1.0 and the firmware is still evolving with minor workflow improvements and tweaks. For the most part it will work 95% like the OG tracker, so reading that manual can help.

If I forgot how to do something when playing with the Mini I just watch one of the Tracker YT videos on how to do it. This one for example - How to get Granular Beat Stretch effect using the Polyend Tracker - YouTube


Do you know up to which order #numbers are in the first bracket? Thx :blush:

If you ordered when the site said “Shipping in July” you are in the first batch, those sold out within the first 5 days I believe.


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