Sequencing Long Samples on Tracker

I have a 30 second sample. In the Sample Editor I have it set up as a loop. When I choose that sample from the instrument selection and I enter that sample in a step (C5), it only plays the first couple seconds of the sample, not the whole sample. How do you enter long samples as steps on the sequencer?

Is there an OFF command following shortly after that note step?

No. Should I do that on the next step?

Definitely not, no :laughing:… that would tell the sample to stop playing, which is why i asked that first :wink:

Also, how rude of me, welcome! :partying_face:

  • Which Tracker are you using? OG or the Mini?
  • What firmware are you on?
  • Depending on your firmware, there are known issues with the Snap to Zero Feature, which you can find in the Config. So you might want to see what happens when you turn it off

Hey! Thanks! Using the OG, latest firmware.

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Alright, then please try the following:

Go to Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero

…and turn that off and see if the issue still exists?

Will do thanks! Cheers!

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FYI. Figured it out. Turns out, the pattern length needed to be extended to account for the length of the sample. Basically, the sample ended up being 128 steps long.

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Oooooh :laughing: … yeeah… that’ll do it :muscle:

Glad you figured it out :blush: