Secondary / Enhanced Chance Step FX

An alternate Chance Step FX (additional to the existing) that would allow to set chance for the note to be played AND a chance for the second FX to be triggered.

What is the problem?

The current Chance FX (C---) affects the Note played AND the other Step FX on the current step.

What do you want to achieve?

I propose a second chance step fx, that can do two things:

  • Set chance percentage of the note to be played
  • Set chance percentage of the second Step FX to be triggered

How would you like to see this implemented

Here is a picture that hopefully explains how i think this could be implemented:


  • The first number afffects the note
  • The second number affects FX2 (or FX1, depending on where you place this chance fx).
  • Values are incremented by 10

For example:

00 - 100% Note Chance / 100% FX Chance
55 - 50% Note Chance / 50% FX Chance
99 - 90% Note Chance / 90% FX Chance

So as per the picture above, c75 would mean:

  • 70% chance that the note is played
  • 50% chance that the Roll FX is triggered

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


I’m curious, what do you all think, any improvements anyone can think of for this request?

Would be great!


I can’t think of any improvements to this, but I would absolutely love the function.

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Heya Mr @Sandroid , thanks for cool wish :sunglasses: It’s ready for voting!

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