SD reads on computer but not tracker

so all my projects can be read on the computer i use to access the SD but when i put it in my tracker, open dialog shows nothing. it was working fine before the upgrade but honestly i was occupied with m8 headless so didnt try it until now. what do i do? report a bug? anybody had this happen and what did you do? i can still copy the old projects to my hard disk.


how about an official reply? any official position on this?

You updated to 1.8?
For me that was the end of my SD.
Downgrade to 1.7.1 and check what’s happening…

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what do you mean it was the end

so does tracker kill sd cards?

This could be an SD card format thing. Maybe something changed in the firmware between updates?

I think a good way to isolate the issue would be:

Mount the SD card to your computer and back everything up.
Reformat the card to FAT32 and place your contents back on the card.
Try the card again with the Tracker (which is already flashed to 1.8.0).

If that doesn’t give you any result, maybe try those steps with the emergency flash/rollback tool somewhere in between.

If all else fails, which SD are you using and what is the storage size?


It means it had a funeral.

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ok so no matter what i do, i cant read my sd in project open dialog. it doesnt even give me the (…) symbol to go up one level. there is nothing to click on when i go to ‘open’ i can access the file system when i want to open a sample or instrument. i can go to my project folders then and they show. so this may not be SD card related. and i have not renamed anything.

Ah crap. My message was deleted during the forum interruption/recovery. Here’s more or less what i wrote:

  • Do you have any funky symbols maybe in a project name? Heard that can cause issues.
  • Remove the projects from the card (obviously back them up) and then use the card to save a new project to the disk. See if you can open it up again.
  • If you got a spare card, try that, i posted a zip with the minimal content that is required for the card.

check, check, and ok ill try it. thanks

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must a project reside within the projects folder now? i put my own folder of projects outside of the projects folder. maybe thats why i cant find it or a way to get to it from the open dialog?

good question - i’ve always used the default projects folder, so i couldn’t even tell you.

I’ve accidentally saved projects outside of the Projects folder, and I can confirm that it works.

Just to add to this, I started a new SD card on my mini over the weekend with only the Firmware directory and it worked just fine. All other folders got created by the tracker when they were needed (including the Projects directory when I went to save my project). Maybe that’s changed over the last 2 years?

I thought the folders get created automatically as well, but since i wasn’t sure i figured a basic Folder Setup might be beneficial :laughing:

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so i put my project files in the projects folder and they still cant be seen in the open dialog or any other file actually. this means my card is kaput?

this was on a different card?

try one project at a time, maybe it’s one specific project/file in there somewhere that is causing the issue. as in: copy only one project at a time and check.

same card. can a card be formatted on the tracker?

no you’ll have to format it externally. has to be FAT32

i downloaded a fat32 formatter and formatted the card. is there a special way to format that i might be missing?

is there a chance my firmware was corrupted but still works partially?

nothing special to consider when formatting the card, just FAT32.

I mean it’s not impossible, do you still have 1.7 on the card that you could flash over it again?
Just to test?