SD card ruined and everything gone

Okay so I have a little emergency going on. The micro SD card that came with my Play just got ruined somehow. The adaptor I use got really hot and somehow ruined the card. Now when I plug it in, it says it needs to be formatted and can’t be read. That means all my stuff for my Play is gone. How can I get all the stuff that came on it back? I can use another card no problem but, how can I set it up for my Play? I basically just lost everything. Please help.

If you go to your account on and register the Play you can then access all the downloads in the downloads tab and download the factory content.

As for the SD card failure - sorry to hear that. What adapter were you using?

SD cards can fail for a number of reasons and I try to back mine up at least every week. I’ve had them fail in cameras, music gear, and pretty much everything. I avoid the off brand cards you can buy for cheap on amazon now as a lot of those lie about the specs of the cards. Had a lot of these problems with the Empress Reverb needing a v30 card and then the cards on amazon said v30 but when testing the speed was v10.


Awesome! Thank you! I don’t have my Play with me at the moment so no serial number but when I get home today that’s the first thing I’m doing. Thanks again!

EDIT: I’m just annoyed that it happened. I’ve been using that same adaptor forever and it’s never done that. I was copying the Legowelt samples from my Tracker SD card and it was taking a while, then it got really hot. I blame Legowelt.


Thx again. I’m doing well now. But it was just the original card and adapter that came w play into my MacBook Pro. So I’ll keep marching on. Love this thing!!

Wait my play which i bought new from i believe it was Chicago’s Music Exchange didnt come with a sd card!! Lame