Scroll wheel use for pattern selection and switch after pattern has completed

Using shift + scroll wheel to navigate swiftly and precisely to a chosen pattern and then upon release the pattern plays at the end of the current pattern cycle rather than straight away.

What is the problem?

Currently when using a large number of patterns in a ‘set’ it is tricky to navigate through all available in swift and exact way.

What do you want to achieve?

quick pattern choices to be played sequentially in a more ‘live set’ use case for the machine

Are there any workarounds?

Currently shift + arrows allow this function but the scroll wheel is much more useful in all manner of things. I feel like it is a huge factor in the success of the machine.

Any links to related discussions?

not that i am aware of.

Any references to other products?

not that i am aware of.

Hey @kingstogie , have you had a look at this wish?

Does this cover what you are looking for?

Thanks Sandroid i dont think quite the same but certainly similar.
I do agree however that from what you have suggested and also some other replies that the basis of what i have asked would be better implemented in performance mode. if there was a way to choose all tracks and then hold shift and move the jog wheel to find the pattern required, and then move after the pattern completes … this would be optimal .
Many thanks

Is it ok if we close this wish then? Or would you like to refine it?
We could always revisit this, once / if the other wish is implemented.

Hi Sandroid
Sure im happy to go with this wish. i think the problem is the same would you agree?
ultimately its to be able to navigate to the desired pattern quickly, with the jog wheel, and jump when the playing pattern completes.

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i agree, it does seem the same.
Alright. I’ll close this one. make sure to cast your vote for the other wish :wink:

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