Scene: Stazma – Acid Breakbeat

“Hey there folks! I’m happy to share my first Polyend Play project with you all!”

“For this one I really wanted to show you how I would make the skeleton of a ‘Braindance’ track, using the Play as the main sequencer. Both as a sampler and MIDI command center. I’ve used the base of what I consider to be the heart of the 90’s IDM / Braindance. Meaning some sliced breakbeats, an analog synthesizer samples for chords and melody, and a good old acid box sequenced via MIDI with a proper distortion on it.”

“I had a lot of fun doing this little track and filming the process. I think it’s very easy to start a project like this with the Play (which was also one of my favorite things about the Tracker by the way) as long as you choose your samples wisely from the start. Feel free to play with the project and turn it into your own. Plug in your own synthesizer via midi, and swap the samples in the Play’s SD card’s folders. And what’s most important, have fun !”


Get the Polyend Play project of Stazma – Acid Breakbeat here.

Stazma / Repeat Eater / Electric Voyage Studio

Is Julien Guillot from France. Find out more about his projects @ Official website, Patreon, Bandcamp, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook.